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October 22, 2012 by coloradokidsblog

How to Choose Quality Child Care

More and more, research tells us that young children’s healthy development depends on safe and positive experiences during the first five years of life—both at home and in their child care setting. Choosing child care is an important decision that requires balancing your needs as a busy parent and the developmental needs and personality of your child. Qualistar Colorado and its partners are committed to helping you make an informed child care decision. The child care system is surprisingly complex, and we are here to help you make sense of it through a variety of resources.

Four Steps To Finding Quality Child Care

There are four steps you should use when choosing quality care for your child. Each step is thoroughly covered in Qualistar Colorado’s free guide Working Your Way Through the Child Care Maze (order your free copy). We encourage you to use this guide as you visit child care settings. Remember, choosing child care is an investment in your child’s future.

Step One: Learn About Your Options

Read Working Your Way Through the Child Care Maze to learn about all of your child care options. There are local Child Care Resource and Referral agencies that will discuss options with you and give you a list of possible providers. This book tells you how to find them. For more information and help, please review our collection of parent resources and financial resources.

Step Two: Visit & Ask Questions

Visit three to five child care programs and talk with the provider or center director. Ask them questions to find out what you can expect from their program. Working Your Way Through the Child Care Maze gives you three worksheets to use when you visit possible providers. Feel free to make more copies if you visit more than three child care centers.

Step Three: Take a Closer Look

When choosing a formal care setting like a center or family child care home it’s important to learn about their licensing records by calling the Division of Child Care at 303.866.5088. Learn more about the Division of Child Care.

Step Four: Your Child Is Enrolled! What’s Next?

Be part of your child’s learning experience by talking with your child and your child’s teachers about their day. Talk to your child’s teachers often about how your child is doing at home and school. At home, read to your child and help them explore the world around them.


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